Marchon, VSP and Nike Vision collaborate in “We See” project

april 25, 2014

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Mothercompany VSP and Marchon set up the “We See” project together with Nike Vision. We are talking about a major eye care operation in South Africa where daily eye care and wearing glasses when you need them are not as self-evident as in our Western societies. No eye care and no glasses when you need them often means no education and less chances to develop yourself. To illustrate the reality in South Africa: there are 300 optometrists in public healthcare who should help 41 million people. The results are obvious. About 60% of the children with a visual handicap could be helped with a simple pair of glasses but only 20% of them in fact has glasses. Thanks to “We See”, in the next three years, specialists of the Brien Holden Vision Institute will offer free eye care and Nike Vision glasses. They will work in the eye clinic of the Soweto Nike Football Centre. The goal is to reach 30.000 children and to reduce untreated visual handicaps in the Soweto region with 90%. Ambitious goals, a nice initiative and a great collaboration of companies that are used to realize their targets!

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