Who will deliver the smartest “smart glasses” in the future?

december 9, 2014

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The first version of Google Glass like we all know it now, has not become the “hot topic” it was supposed to be. The hype seems over already, the majority is not interested and Google seems to have returned to the drawing rooms to think about a new and better version. In the meantime Google partner Luxottica signed an agreement with Intel aiming to develop “smart glasses” together. And if that is not enough, Google and Intel talk about collaborations as well. All three companies, when asked so, say the other partnerships are not in their way and they will continue to work together. All three, maybe for different reasons, seem to believe in the future of “smart glasses” and expect to develop products which we probably don’t know yet but certainly need to survive in the future. Cool fashion guys like those of Opening Ceremony, watchmakers, chip manufacturers and the eyewear industry work together in one big hunt for that cool new product that can replace our smartphone. We will see. Vision-Today keeps you updated. Stay tuned.

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