The importance of brandmanagement

februari 8, 2012

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The optical industry counts (too) many real and would be brands. Those who realize themselves that a brand is or should be more as just a name or a logo at a product, will recognize the need for a secure brand management. This need was painfully proven at the last Amsterdam Fashion Week. The organization connected sponsor eyewear discount chain Eyes & More with fashion brand Custo Barcelona, apparently unaware of the fact that the brand carries an own eyewear collection as well, one that is not available at all at the Eyes & More stores. The agent for the apparel didn’t know either (great if that is the way you know and handle the brand you represent) and apparently neither did the guys of Eyes & More who don’t care about fashion or brands at all. And the eyewear agent, not very much interested in fashion or brand management, (why should you when you are in the optical industry) did not know Custo Barcelona would show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Are you still with me? The result of all this amateurism? The brand Custo Barcelona showed at the Amsterdam Fashion Week, not very good or spectacular but anyway, and combined the collection, according to the Dutch Custo Barcelona Eyewear agent, with the private label discount eyewear of Eyes & More. Of course none of the few people that attended the show, realized what they really saw. Happily enough not too many interesting or important members of the press in the room. Should we call it mismanagement? This time demands a more serious approach and those who want to sell fashion(brands) should invest time and energy to learn about the brand and follow it in the media. Not that difficult today!

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