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mei 13, 2013

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We all talk a lot about shopping experiences but in daily life we hardly invest in creative and distinguishing communication. We still prefer to spend money on purchasing unnecessary new collections and new brands which add nothing to our story or put it in expensive shop interiors. For our communication we all use the same Ray-Ban poster and offer the same prescription sunglasses. What a difference with a brand like Chanel. They do understand the importance of communication and reserve fortunes to cultivate and actualise the brand awareness and keep the dream alive. Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld again and again show how to do that. Not only with their amazing fashion shows but this time with a surprising movie. The première of this movie was during a “private viewing” in the Palm Court of the famous Raffles Hotel at Singapore. One day later Chanel launched its new cruise collection in the same city with another fabulous show. The movie shows how it all began with a choice of today’s top models and actresses as the leading characters. And of course directed by Karl himself. This is storytelling and this is the way to keep dreams alive. It’s time that we as opticians start to understand the importance of creative communication and the necessity to create our own story and tell it in an original way. How do you do that? Join us at our first Vision-Today Live session at June 17 at Amsterdam and get inspired. Look at the banner at this website for more information. But first sit down and enjoy this movie which takes you back to the world of Chanel at 1913…

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