Protect your eyes (and more)

februari 11, 2014

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The Olympic Games as always are the best showcase for functional sport accessories like sportglasses. The need for body protection was already showed this weekend at the new discipline Slopestyle in snowboarding where one the girls felt so hard, she broke her helmet. The helmet however protected her from serious injury. Sportglasses are equally important. All athletes wear them and we spotted a variety of brands. Oakley does well of course just like Adidas and Nike but we also saw many others. A gold medal means a lot of extra publicity like this one for Nike Vision which created new snowgoggles in close collaboration with Dragon. All this might inspire others to once again buy a new pair of sportglasses. You can seduce them with the opportunity to watch television in your store, with nice posters and cool sportglasses presentations in the shop(windows). Just do it!

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