Major players renew licenses

december 17, 2012

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Most of the time it doesn’t get a lot of attention and isn’t as spectacular as the change of the Armani licenses from Safilo to Luxottica, but behind the screens negotiations about new or existing licenses continue all the time. Recently we could read from the press release accompanying the purchase of Marcolin, that the company works hard to get rid of or change the conditions of some of its licenses because the profits don’t cover the costs. In some other cases licenses are renewed as early as possible to create more certainty for both parties. For that reason Safilo already renewed the license agreement with Max Mara until the end of 2019 and Luxottica did the same with Prada and Miu Miu until the end of 2018. The change of Replay from Marcolin to Allison is known for some time already.

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