How much training does one need to stay in front?

juli 12, 2010

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If you want to be successful, you need to distinguish yourself in one way or another from others. Product, experience, store design, employees…at least one or probably all these things should contribute to an added value and a positive discrimination which attract your clients to come back to your store again. But, just like in sports, it becomes harder and harder to distinguish yourself. Good isn’t good enough anymore. To refer to sport once again…thousands of people are able to run the marathon in a reasonable time and ten thousands play soccer rather well. All of them are good but completely anonymous. If you want to distinguish yourself you need to be much better. Some talent is desired but the discipline and desire to work hard and improve all the time are even more important. Modern athletes lead a Spartan life to surprise us with better and better performances all the time. Those who excel in winter sports use the Summer to train like crazy. If you want to be excellent or outstanding, just like them, you need to invest all the time in yourself, in products, in experiences for your clients and much more. Most of the time you won’t do that all alone. In many cases we talk about team sport which requires involvement of the team, inspiration, ongoing improvement of all employees. Too often we think that good is good enough and we are surprised when our clients leave us and choose for other options. It is always good to evaluate the training labour you and your team perform. Do you still invest or do you lean back on the successes in the past which of course never offer guarantees for the future. When was the last time you and your team brainstormed? When was your last training? When was the last time you redesigned your store? How old is the coffee machine? How trendsetting is your collection? How does your examination rooms look like? When did you redefine your marketing strategy or do you still use the look & feel you had five years ago? How much did you invest already in new media? Too many things to mention and probably too many things to think of?! Indeed! Business today is top sport! At least when you want to be the best!

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