Goed voor Ogen (Good for Eyes)

mei 17, 2013

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It has been a while since the Dutch opticians Rob Trompper and Dick van Mastrigt sold their stores but as passionate opticians, they can’t leave their jobs behind them. The two founded the company Eyehelp and will soon launch a website with a very original plug-in. The site links “healthy” food to “healthy” eyes and proves that healthy food is good for everyone and can avoid a lot of problems when one becomes older. The visitors will find receipts of top-chefs and a lot of information about eyewear and eyecare. Opticians and suppliers can join and profit from a complete promotion program. The whole concept will be launched on June 11 at Koppert Cress at Monster in the Netherlands. Those who like to join, are definitely welcome and can use the opportunity to learn more about this unique company. Koppert Cress delivers micro vegetables to top-chefs all over the world. The chefs use these special vegetables to create unrivalled taste experiences for their guests. All in all it promises to become a very special afternoon so check this site regularly in the next days for the official invitation.
By the way, this Goed voor Ogen project fits perfectly in our “STORY TELLING” week. This is where it will be all about in the future. Invest to create and develop your OWN story and base your strategy, promotions, shop interior and all other activities on this story. How do you do that? Visit our first Vision-Today Live session on June 17 at Amsterdam and get inspired. Learn about success stories and profit from tips you can already use the next day. Have a look at the banner at this website to learn more about it. (Dutch only)

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