German economy weakens but Fielmann increases business

september 12, 2014

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Fielmann published good half year results. The German giant sold 5,5% more units as in the same period last year and increased the consolidated sales with 7,2% to 613 million euro. Net profit rose with almost 15% to 75,6 million euro. Today Fielmann has more than 16.000 employees of which 2.683 are trainees. With only 5% of the German opticians Fielmann counts for 38% of all trainees. This year alone 900 young people will start their career at Fielmann. In addition these trainees win one after another Award. Smart strategy of Fielmann creating a lot of goodwill and attracting a small army of cheap working power in the stores. The company still has a lot of ambition and is ready to expand in different ways.

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