Centrop Sales and Hall of Frames inspiring as ever

september 10, 2014

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You can purchase, socialize and meet old friends but most of all fairs are the best places to spot new fresh ideas. You discover new products, see new ways to display products and inspire your clients and most of all you get informed. The Centrop Sales and the Hall of Frames had it all and the upcoming SILMO assures at least the same experience. We saw a great mega touch screen at Eschenbach creating brand awareness for the Eschenbach brands within a second, we have seen many new collections (sun)glasses and learned about innovative products like the new BYO Comfort contactlenses by Procornea and the fresh images to promote it. At Sunday night ENOT, Procornea and Seiko received an Award because they were voted best in the usual Centrop Suppliers Survey. And in the corridors and around the bar at the Optician we encountered many people chatting with each other. In short, it was a fair like fairs should be. Those who were not there missed something but get a second chance at the SILMO! See you all there.

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