Will Safilo be present at the Ducth Centrop Sales?

januari 25, 2011

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On Sunday February 13th and Monday 14th the Centrop Sales and Hall of Frames take place at Nijkerk in the Netherlands. This fair is the only one in this country with a Spring and Autumn edition. Remarkable to see at the plans that one of the major suppliers is missing. Questioning learns us that Safilo and Centrop could not reach an agreement about the exhibition space of Safilo. In the last half year the Italian manufacturer invested quite a lot in a presentation which better represents its great brand portfolio as Dutch opticians could already see at the last Sunglasses Fair in November. The company wants to use this same presentation at the Centrop Sales. Centrop however sticks to its traditional floor plan which means that Safilo once again has a booth in a room at the first floor whereas its main competitors have booths on central places on the main floor and even at the Hall of Frames location. We hope that the managements of Centrop and Safilo will find a solution for this or a next edition of the fair as one of the major suppliers with an extended portfolio should not be missed here.

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