We have to love Carrera

februari 21, 2012

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The remakes of great Carrera styles of the past, created an unprecedented revival and an unlimited popularity for his sporty Italian brand. Carrera used this popularity to position the brand even better with original advertising campaigns and unforgettable “After All, No Regrets” movies. Safilo just launched the new version for 2012. Once more we get a look into the world of young people living for pleasure and not worrying about tomorrow. Exaggerating yes but also real cool… happy Carrera does this and allow and facilitate us to attract young people to what used to be “dull” optical stores. You can use it on your Facebook page, at your website, on screens instore and anywhere else where young people can see it and get inspired. Great lesson from the movie…” today is the most important day of your life as it is the beginning of the future”… never look back…always look forward…” After All, No Regrets”….

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