Waiting for the Summer

april 26, 2012

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This month of April will certainly not become the best one ever for Dutch opticians. The stagnating consumer trust, even worse after the fall of the government, and the increasing news about more and more cuttings, all have a negative effect on the consumers interest to buy. But probably there is another, more easy explanation. April last year was one the warmest and most sunny April months ever. We counted 13 warm and even 4 Summer days. It was extremely dry and the sun shined almost every day resulting in an average temperature of more as 13 degrees Celsius. This year’s April is completely different. April 2012 will be one of the coldest and wettest April months ever. Average temperature is not even 9 degrees Celsius. No good environment to seduce consumers to buy Summer stuff like sunglasses. So, the only thing we can do…wait for Summer and beautiful weather and gain back then what we loose now!

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