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januari 15, 2015

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GrandVision’s press release of this week related to its IPO next month extensively mentions the trends and developments in the industry. For the years ahead, GrandVision expects a growth of 6,5% worldwide. Main reasons are: ageing population, an emerging middle class and under-penetration of optical stores. The increasing availability of education in developing countries, the growing amount of people driving cars, the increasing need for written information and the use of computers and smart phones are just a few others. Sales of products with added value like quality lenses and design frames and sunglasses as well as the increasing demand for contactlenses and prescription sunglasses are also mentioned while the popularity of sunglasses as fashion accessories play an important role as well. At GrandVision they don’t worry too much about internet. The experience is that still most people prefer personal contact and the possibility to try and fit in physical stores. Last but not least more people than ever before pay attention to value-for-money and chains like GrandVision expect to profit from that trend.

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