This will be the week of GrandVision

februari 3, 2015

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This week GrandVision goes IPO in Amsterdam. Owner Hal Investments will offer a maximum of 23% of the shares. The subscription period closes on Thursday at 02.00 pm. That same day the final offering price as well as the amount of shares offered will be defined. AS an indication a price in between 17,50 and 21,50 has been announced. That would value GrandVision at something in between 4,5 and 5,4 million euro. Experts consider this low compared to Luxottica and Fielmann which are both listed at stock exchanges and have a higher share price related to their profits. So, it could be that GrandVision collects a lot more money as expected which of course, would upgrade the value of the company. We will all know it by Friday which is also the first day of trading at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Always interesting to see what the price will do this first trading day. All in all this IPO will show how investors look at the optical industry and especially the retail part of it, right now. All signs seem to be green. GrandVision does well, the future looks bright and the market offers many opportunities.

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