The sunglasses trends for this Summer

januari 17, 2011

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No better way to get familiar with the new trends as by photographing them for our magazines. After a week in Los Angeles we have seen all the trends. For the men many plastic frames with double bridges, the inevitable aviators, lots of high definition lenses and polarized ones and the first smaller styles in hippie style like John Lennon used to wear. For the women still a lot of glamour with large styles. We paid a lot of extra attention to luxury as demand for luxury sunglasses increases. This doesn’t mean loud bling bling but real quality and distinguishing modeling. All in all enough news in store this Summer and those who purchase well will have enough to inspire their clients and seduce them to buy a new pair of sunglasses. The sun shined bright in Los Angeles this week…we can’t wait for the Summer to see all these new sunglasses in the streets…

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