The Dutch independent optician is there for everyone

oktober 5, 2012

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It might sound like a simple truth but maybe for consumers it is not that obvious anymore. Dutch independent opticians are well skilled, perfectly educated, deliver quality and excellent service but most of the time communicate all this in a rather shy way or not at all. Consumers might easily think independent opticians are only exclusive and expensive although reality is that most of them can serve the needs of almost everyone. The new Dutch independent opticians campaign shows that everyone is welcome. From young to old, for prescription frames, sunglasses and contactlenses and of course lenses, the independent optician is the place to be. You can see all of it already at the optician’s website and at their Facebook page with the same name. As soon as the media campaign starts all stores will receive a package with instore material referring to this campaign. With almost 1200 stores all over the country it will certainly draw attention!

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