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Van 23 tot en met 25 september wordt in het Stazione Leopolda in Florence de DaTE beurs gehouden. Volgens de website van de beurs betekent DaTE in het Japans: fashion eyewear without prescription. In Japan en bijvoorbeeld Zuid-Korea worden brillen immers door jonge consumenten veel vaker dan in Europa als accessoire en dus zonder sterkte […]

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By the end of this week the Vision Expo West takes place at Las Vegas. Of course always a pleasure to visit Las Vegas but for those which this is a little bit too far away, Paris is calling only one week later. This year the SILMO overlaps Paris Fashion Week which means even more […]

Opti at Munich more and more professional

augustus 13, 2014
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Traditionally the Opti at Munich is the first optical fair of the year. Although January seems to be far away, the preparations are in full swing. Year after year Opti innovates and improves its services. This year the fair offers exhibitors free workshops and even personal coaches to better prepare themselves and enhance their performances […]

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Always new brands at the SILMO

augustus 1, 2014
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Whether the economy rocks or not, the market increases or decreases, there will always be entrepeneurs and adventurers which see new opportunities and launch new collections, new brands and new ideas. Quite often such an adventure ends nowhere but sometimes it last and in rare occasions it even marks the start of a success story. […]

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