Strange misunderstandings

april 5, 2012

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Last week one Dutch optician told me he did not like Lacoste because the brand was “out”. Where he got his information from? No idea. Anyway his opinion did not match with those of almost 10 million Facebook friends who love Lacoste. And who get inspired all the time by new products and inspiring advertising like this new movie made by Lacoste and Marchon which can be found at the brand’s Facebook page just like the new Spring campaign for the sunglasses. Do you want more figures to prove the Dutch optician should reconsider his opinion? Until now about 1900 people “liked” the movie and another 2700 did the same for the new campaign. I guess you are already happy when five people react on your Facebook posts. Maybe we should compose our collections based on research and facts instead of on ideas or opinions. And maybe we should use all information channels to become and stay informed and use it to inspire our clients. Have you seen the movie about the Magnetic Frames? Click here to see it..and even better..share it in order to show your Facebook friends how new, innovative and funny “eyewear” can be!

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