Specsavers Netherlands focuses on fashion

augustus 16, 2013

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Specsavers Netherlands more and more profiles itself as the fashion specialist and is rather successful with this strategy. The company sells collections with the names of Dutch designers and press releases and advertorials show Specsavers expertise in fashion. Like this advertorial in the latest fashion edition of ELLE magazine, in store now. Name-dropping and catwalk pictures of Prada, Dries van Noten and Mary Katrantzou should make it clear; for fashion you need to go to Specsavers. It once again shows the urgency for independent opticians to distinguish themselves and get away from easy to copy acetate and plastic frames like the ones showed in the advertorial. Independent opticians should show their expertise with new and innovative materials and products and exclusive brands with real added value. Those added value can occasionally be the brand itself but most of the time should be found in the real distinctive product features. Options enough and certainly not only for high end prices. Independent opticians can easily make the difference if they really want to. With the buying season and the fairs coming up “daring to be different” should be the credo. For the same acetate or plastic frame without any added value consumers more and more often choose a cheaper alternative.

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