Specsavers does it again

september 23, 2013

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In the same week in which Specsavers opened its Dutch Specsavers Academy and tried to convince friends and enemies about the good intentions and its impassioned mission, Pearle once again assigned its competitor to court. This is what Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf published Saturday in an article with the title “bonje tussen Pearle en Specsavers”. In recent Dutch advertising Specsavers compares its contactlens prices with those of Pearle and concludes that it is much cheaper as its competitor. However, according to Pearle, the company compares apples to oranges and forgets to mention the quality differences between the products both companies deliver. The newspaper reminds its readers that this is not the first time Specsavers seeks the borders of what is allowed or not. In recent years both Pearle and Hans Anders saw Specsavers in court and in most cases Specsavers had to stop campaigns or even had to adjust. Not that long ago Dutch Opticians Union NUVO, even interrupted the company for a year. Well, let’s see what the judges say this time!

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