RTL Boulevard promotes 3D branded eyewear

februari 11, 2011

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Yesterday evening Dutch television talkshow RTL Boulevard paid attention to the 3D hype and showed that cheap non-branded 3D frames are so last year. Talkshow host Winston Gerschtanowitz personally demonstrated a real Kiss & Kill frame by Marchon which serves like a pair of sunglasses outside and turns into 3D glasses when looking at a 3D production inside. The Kiss & Kill frame looked great on him and co-host Leco van Zadelhoff made very clear that this is the trend. The future is to branded 3D (sun)glasses and the non-branded ones are for the garbage bin. Great promotion for opticians who should hurry up with offering 3D (sun)glasses before other channels conquer the market. Click here to see this part of RTL Boulevard..

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