Replay at Specsavers

oktober 8, 2013

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The Dutch optical chain Hans Anders is not the only one which profiles itself more and more with branded eyewear. Last week we got this invitation by Specsavers announcing the celebration of the launch of the Replay collection at the Specsavers stores. Replay has an eyewear collection for years already but recently changed its license partner. The Italian eyewear manufacturer Allison which produces the collection now, is hardly present in the Dutch market and doesn’t play a significant role in the Netherlands. Quite logical it ended up at Specsavers. It will not be the last brand sold as well or even exclusively at one or another optical chain. For independent opticians it is once again a reason to compose their collection carefully and make clear deals with their suppliers. This market segment offers enough distinctive options as we found out this weekend at the launch of the G-Star RAW Eyewear collection in the Netherlands. The contrast between the trend-following “me-too” collection of Replay and the iconic and innovative G-Star RAW Eyewear illustrates in the best way the difference between the offer at respectively the chains and the leading and trendsetting independent opticians. Finally the consumer will make his or her choice!

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