Reading glasses with added value

september 13, 2013

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In the last years the market for reading glasses changed from the optician to drugstores, department stores and internet. Consumers choose massively for cheap ready to wear solutions and found them primarily at non-optical stores. At the SILMO in Paris TRIVÙ introduces a new ready to wear concept with some extra’s offering the optician the opportunity to once again make the difference as the specialist. Packed in a luxury box the buyer finds a pair of reading glasses, a handy sun clip which he can easily attach to his reading glasses and a rimless clip with power minus 0.75 which, attached to the reading glasses, covers the upper part of the lenses. Thanks to smart magnetic points both clips can be used separately or even together. The sun clip is ideal for reading in sunny circumstances, the other clip with minus power makes the reading glasses perfect for use in the office or behind the computer. In short, a multifunctional and practical ready to wear reading glass with added value and a great opportunity to talk with people about the option of business or computer glasses with tailormade lenses. Easy as that. Box on the counter and there we go!

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