Polaroid pleases it resellers

juni 12, 2012

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Last Sunday Polaroid Netherlands invited its clients and their employees to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the legendary brand. For this occasion and exclusively for Polaroid the guests could enjoy the Dutch edition of the musical Saturday Night Fever followed by a party in the style of the seventies and eighties. Many guests dressed accordingly and the vibe was perfect. Great idea of Gijs van Leeuwen of Polaroid. We are sure everyone who attended this evening, will sell Polaroid this week and the next ones with a big smile on his or her face. Even more because Gijs used the opportunity to tell a little bit more about the impressive heritage of this well-known brand. The company works hard to maintain its brand awareness and supports opticians in their efforts to sell the collection. Right now it runs a television advertising campaign with its suncovers collection.

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