Paris in a nutshell

oktober 8, 2012

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As always the SILMO was a source of an abundance of impressions and emotions. It was the “place to be” for encounters with interesting people, a few cool parties, the stylish presentation of the SILMO d’Ors to, amongst others, companies like Essilor, Hoya and Silhouette but at the same time caused a lot of annoyance about, once again, poor connections due to trains which were not available in the weekend, shameless bus drivers and bad catering facilities. We saw many nice (sun)glasses but nothing spectacular new. Maybe this is not the time for experiments. Time and energy should be invested in efficiency and distinguishing marketing products in order to realize growth and an increase of sales and profit in these difficult times. The ambiance at the fair was good but certainly not euphoric. Later this week much more details about this edition of the SILMO in Paris.

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