Optitrade publishes sales increase

augustus 23, 2010

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Purchases in the months February until July of this year have been better as in the same period last year. Optitrade announces an increase in purchases of 8%. Remarkable is the increase in purchases of lenses with 22%. This would have been completely different if Optitrade would have reported about the usual first six months of the year. In January of 2009 lens manufacturers booked record sales in the Netherlands due to record sales of glasses in December 2008. After the first month of 2009 deliveries and sales decreased dramatically. Taking January 2009 in account would have influenced the figures for 2010 significantly and we guess that is why Optitrade choose to report about the period February until July. In that period purchases of sunglasses increased with 20% and those of contactlenses with 9%. Purchases of prescription frames however stayed behind and even showed a decrease compared to purchases in the same period in 2009.

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