Optitrade launches ambitious plans

september 18, 2014

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We get used to it. The Optitrade&Trends Congress every year is the moment on which the organization presents new plans, launches some pilot balloons and shares some visions for the future. Last Monday was no exception. After an entertaining but less exciting lecture by former Dutch minister Jan Kees de Jager and a far too easy and not very inspiring contribution of Adjiedj Bakas, it became interesting when former Pearle shareholder and CEO Marcel Norbart entered the stage and immediately threw some stones in the pond. What followed was a clear plea for a more intense cooperation between the stores and the Optitrade organization. How such a cooperation could look like, was explained by Optitrade chairman Jan Weber. Optitrade will remain as it is now, an Optitrade Plus will be added for those members who choose to commit more (read give more purchase responsibilities to the organization) and a new franchise concept will be launched soon. Pilot stores will open early next Spring. The new concept will make it easier for existing members to sell their stores to other members or to young newcomers who will be supported (financially) by the organization. However, the new concept will not be implemented in the current trade organization but become an own entity with several shareholders. The identity of these shareholders wasn’t revealed on stage but in the corridors not many people doubted who could be interested to support this concept. All in all a lot of attention for purchase, more return on investment, better deals and business but not that much for better strategies, missions, visions and communication. Those topics were briefly mentioned in a presentation by Pim Förster and might get more attention in regional meetings planned for October and November. We keep you posted.

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