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januari 21, 2013

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Specsavers, or if you want Safilo, does it again. A collection changes from manufacturer and Specsavers is the first to buy some of the “old” collection and present it to its clients as the newest fashion collection of the eyewear chain. According to the steaming press release the Emporio Armani collection will be in store during 2013 and will cost 169 euro a frame. There is a choice of 24 styles. A little bit confusing maybe for the consumer who might find another, new and produced by Luxottica, Emporio Armani collection in other stores this year. Probably Specsavers, apart from the discount it got, counts on the extra publicity which the new Armani collections by Luxottica will certainly generate. It happened before with other brands so nothing new but still interesting of an optician which so many times accused other opticians of “cheating” consumers.

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