Nominations SILMO d’Or Awards announced

september 19, 2014

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The nominations for the yearly SILMO d’Or Awards have been announced. Like every year a lot of French products have been nominated although this might also be due to the fact that too many companies don’t enter the competition. Next to some well-known names like those of Face à Face, IC!Berlin, Bollé, Essilor, BBGR and DITA, we see quite some less known brands and miss nominations for some very interesting innovations. Maybe the SILMO should once again evaluate its criteria and focus more on real innovations. Innovations are vital for every industry. The SILMO d’Or Awards are a fantastic instrument and deserve much more (inter)national attention. A system like the Oscars with all Academy members voting would give this institute a great shot of added value. Next week on Friday in Paris the winners will be announced. We keep you posted.

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