First VIP AANBIEDING for free

augustus 23, 2018

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At our new VIP AANBIEDINGEN page consumers find spectacular offers of branded eyewear and soon for example also everything about the NanaWoody&John Eye Examination Weeks or Contactlens Weeks. The goal is to seduce consumers to visit an independent optical store and to encourage opticians to sell and resell the bestsellers from a collection.

Participating brands can select one specific style, eventually in more colors, and their sales teams inform optician buyers they selected this style for a promotion at NanaWoody&John.

The buyers can participate and assure they will be mentioned as point of sale when they buy a certain amount of pieces from this one specific style (we advise 5, sometimes 3) with an extra discount of at least 25% which they have to grant their consumers as well.

In case a prescription frame is involved the lens suppliers will support the promotion with a serious discount on the lenses. Notice: only when opticians sell this specific selected frame.

The fairs (in the Netherlands Centrop Sales and Hall of Frames) are perfect occasions to launch a promotion like this. In fact just before the fairs we will inform all opticians about all upcoming promotions and activate them to visit the companies/brands involved.

BUYING can start at any time, the PROMOTION will start as soon as the (sun)glasses are delivered which can be any moment within the months ahead.

NanaWoody&John supports every promotion with a major online campaign (paid) and makes sure the participating opticians have enough and good material for their own local (online) promotion. Of course we will activate them to use it.

Blogs and posts on social media will keep the promotion alive during the time it runs on our website.

Each promotion normally costs 1.500 euro of which we will dedicate at least 500 euro to the online promotion campaign.

As an introduction offer you get one promotion for free and we will pay the costs of the online promotion campaign.

Here you have the total procedure on a row:



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