News from the Opti at Munich

januari 15, 2014

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The Opti at Munich attracted about 24.000 visitors which is almost the same as in 2013. Maybe a little bit disappointing for the organization but the ambiance was good and there was enough to see and experience. Rodenstock proudly presented its collaboration with former top model Claudia Schiffer. La Schiffer herself showed up for a brief introduction which caused quite some turbulence at the Rodenstock booth. We did not see her at the party that night but nobody cared, we had fun anyway. In the popular Yes hall more companies than ever presented wooden frames and sunglasses which are now available at all price and quality levels. However, ROLF is still the undisputed trendsetter. Good initiative to put a few newcomers together as “start-ups” in a series of small booths next to each other. Think of Hapter, Suzy Glam and Pappup. Good news for the real eyewear lovers amongst us. Anthony Reid who used to be very successful with ic!berlin, Baumvision and his own Seequal, acquired a majority stake in Robert la Roche and is dedicated to bring the brand back to the iconic level it used to have. If anyone can do that, it’s him and we will keep you updated. The French company J.F. Rey and the Italians of Italia Independent joined forces and used their combined knowhow for the launch of a small capsule collection which turned out to be a musthave already. The collaboration needed to be celebrated which resulted in a great party at the industrial Kesselhaus. Great venue, great music, great vibe! Next year we all have another chance to meet in Munich. In 2015 Opti will take place from Thursday 8 until Saturday 10. See you all there!

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