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november 24, 2014

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Last Thursday the new optical platform NanaWoody&John has been launched in the Harbour Club at Amsterdam. During a dinner for media and (already) participating brands, the idea behind this platform was explained. Journalists and (fashion) editors from magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Elsevier, Glamour, Grazia, Beau Monde, Esquire, JFK, Cosmopolitan, Nouveau, Elegance, Margriet, LAF, the most important Dutch newspapers like Telegraaf, Algemeen Dagblad and Metro and a variety of bloggers and online publications all attended to hear how this new platform will support (independent) opticians to present themselves. The platform is an initiative of Not Just Vision and founded in close cooperation with the Dutch Hoofdbedrijfschap Ambachten, retail groups Optitrade and Centrop as well as Essilor and HOYA. You can already find all (independent) Dutch opticians and a range of participating brands. The visitor of the website gets easy to digest information in a daily blog and those who like to know more can visit the EYENOVATION part and read everything about innovations grouped in sections such as “eyecare”, “health”, “sustainability”, “design”, “craftsmanship” and “vision”. You can approach the website on your computer, tablet and mobile phone and NanaWoody&John of course does have an Instagram account and a Facebook page. We invite you to like both and share the news in order to build an international network as soon as possible because although this idea is born in Amsterdam it is definitely meant to reach people all over the world. Later this week much more about this initiative at Vision-Today. Check the Facebook page for much more pictures of the launch party.

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