New Luxottica Flagshipstore at Melbourne

augustus 2, 2010

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Luxottica recently opened the first of a planned series of new flagshipstores. This first one is located at Melbourne, Australia. The OPSM Eyehub is widely considered to be the new reference optical store for the future but the question is whether we in the Netherlands agree with this statement. The store seems to offer a state-of-the-art approach when it comes to eyecare and high-tech technology but obviously misses any kind of fashion or trend experience. Clients can choose from a variety of eyecare options and test their (sport)glasses in wind tunnels and rooms which simulate special weather conditions. But it all looks rather clinical and high-tech and lacks the fashion experience which makes opticians in the Netherlands so successful. On the website “products” certainly is the less interesting part with a minimum of information which doesn’t inspire at all. No brands are mentioned and all we see look old-fashioned and comes from Luxottica itself. It makes the announcement that this store offers all there is to buy in the world, at least very doubtful. Top opticians in the Netherlands work hard to combine high class eye examinations and innovative technology with an inspiring experience of trends and fashion and doing so they are, in our opinion, at least one step ahead of this Luxottica flagshipstore. The modern consumer wants the most fashionable eyewear presented in an inspiring fashion environment and combined with the best lenses and optimal eyecare. That combination will certainly become the winning one!

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