Mykita launches Mylon collection

oktober 12, 2011

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According to their own press release “after years of research”, this Autumn Mykita launches the first (sun)glasses made of a new material called Mylon. Mylon is strong, light-weighted, stable, durable and very adaptable. In addition the frames can be adjusted to every face. Both material and surface treatment make Mykita Mylon frames unique. This first collection exists of three sporty styles that can easily be used on snowy mountain slopes or as classic sunglasses for daily use. The NOVA is the most striking design and looks like a mix of vintage ski-goggles and 3D-viewers for the early nineties cyberspace. The other two styles look less futuristic. All three styles are fitted with top-quality lenses from Zeiss. Mykita and Zeiss even offer the opportunity of a special set of lenses designed for golf-players. Alternatively the frames can be ordered with polarized lenses.

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