Must-read for every optician and his employees

augustus 11, 2014

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Recently the well-known New York Magazine published a large article about why sunglasses make everyone look hotter. Must-know storytelling for everyone working in an optical store. We summarize the most important arguments:

1. Sunglasses create symmetry in your face. A perfect symmetrical face is the main secret of every top model. Unfortunately the rest of us have faces less symmetrical. Sunglasses cover all oddities, create symmetry and make us more beautiful. In addition they accentuate the bone structure which even enhances the effect.

2. Sunglasses make you a bit mysterious. Eyes reveal everything about you. If you cover them people have to work harder to find out who and what you are. And because you know it, you feel stronger and more self-confident as without your sunglasses. And of course mystery enhances sexual desire.

3. Originally sunglasses were mostly used during risky water or snow sports and later associated with airplanes and aviators. It made wearers even more attractive.

4. Later they became popular at Hollywood stars who (literally) used them to protect themselves from paparazzi and their exploding flashbulbs. Wearing sunglasses adds some of the moviestar fame and glamour to your own life. Why not!

Shortly, sunglasses deliver an essential contribution to beauty, self-confidence and sexual attraction. A serious collection with options for each occasion is certainly a good investment.

Want to read the whole story in New York Magazine? Click here!

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