Mono brand stores gain ground

december 24, 2010

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Brands want to show more as just their products and like to share their identity with their customers. The best place to do that is in own stores and never before we have seen more mono brand stores opened as just this year. Everywhere in the world we have seen people working on the construction of new stores of top brands which, thanks to the crisis, realize themselves how vulnerable they are. During the crisis major American department stores organized sales for brands like Chanel and Prada and of course these brands were not very pleased with it. When fashion brands profit from mono brand stores, eyewear brands can do as well. For that reason more and more eyewear brands open own stores like Mykita did this month in Tokyo and Kirk Originals in London. For Mykita it is already store number six, for Kirk it is the first flagship store. Both stores carry the complete collection of the brand and eventually a few other iconic brands. The stores serve as the best PR tool. Inspiring as well for independent opticians who should certainly visit these  brand stores once.

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