Marcolin doubles its production capacity in Italy

november 3, 2014

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This week Marcolin announced the acquisition of a large production facility in Longarone in Italy. With this acquisition the company doubles its production capacity in its own country. Marcolin considers “Made in Italy” a major part of its strategy. It fits perfectly to the brands for which the company develops and produces eyewear as most of them, like Ermenegildo Zegna, Emilio Pucci, Balenciaga, Diesel etc. prefer to design and produce their apparel and accessories in Italy as well. They profit to the max from the creative talent, great skills and traditional craftsmanship of the country. The acquisition marks an important development as companies tend to choose for, probably more expensive, quality instead of mass production in countries where labour is less expensive. Essential however is that manufacturers and retailers improve their collaborations and invest in knowledge about products in order to inform and convince consumers about the advantages of better quality and innovations. This acquisition by Marcolin might be a great step in the right direction.

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