Less collections, more quality

september 16, 2013

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The developments in the optical industry force every (independent) optician to review his strategy and make new choices. Focus on eyecare and optometry? Focus on fashion and styling with a clear profile attracting a homogeneous group of clients? A mix of both or other options? One thing is clear: clients are looking for stores (online and offline) with clear defined collections composed from a small amount of brands which don’t compete with each other but rather complete each other. Working with only few brands means specializing (you are the specialist aren’t you?) and attention for a careful selection. You need to know what you are looking for, you need to know the brands thoroughly and you need to prepare the best possible way. Lucky enough the SILMO in Paris starts next week. It is the best place to see, compare and judge collections. SILMO is a MUST for everyone who takes his business seriously. Not to buy, but to inform yourself. See you there!

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