Lens manufacturers fined by Cartel Authorities

juni 23, 2010

Five major German lens suppliers and the Central Association of Optometrists have been fined by the Cartel Authorities for participating in a price fixing scheme. According to the Authorities the agreements paralyzed the competition in the German market. Not only the price but conditions, bonuses and discounts were involved as well. In total the Antitrust Agency imposed fines of 115 million euro. The five companies involved have already responded to the claims. All of them said they have fully cooperated in the investigation. Due to that cooperation in some cases the amount of the fine was reduced. Carl Zeiss Vision, HOYA and Essilor, which also owns another company involved called Rupp + Hubrach, all consider to appeal against the fine or part of it. Rodenstock seems to be the only company that has agreed to pay. All companies have expressed their commitment to a free market and assured they have taken measures to assure that all employees respect the rules of free competition.

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