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juni 3, 2013

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Italia Independent is a success story. Only six year ago Lapo Elkann, Andrea Tessitore and Giovanni Accongiagioco, founded the company which now already has an estimated worth of 70 million euro. It tripled sales to more as 15 million last year with an operating profit of 3 million and is decided to increase sales to 30 million euro in 2015. The brand already has 8 monobrand stores and many shops in the shop at the best opticians worldwide. Italia Independent needs money to finance the rapid growth and will list its shares at the Milan Stock Exchange. Dutch leading newspapers considered this remarkable enough to pay a lot of attention to it, maybe also because the brand quickly gains popularity in the Netherlands as well. The success of the brand is based on the fact Italia Independent is different from all other eyewear brands. It is innovative, daring, very original, different and affordable without being extravagant. Italia Independent is the best example of a modern brand of this time and attracts a large target group. The brand is sold worldwide to the best opticians who are aware of the fact that they themselves should change their business and renew it in order to be successful in the future. Together with brands like Italia Independent!

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