Innovation leads to sales increase

augustus 6, 2013

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Of all Dutch non-food retail markets surveyed by GFK, only three realized an increase in sales in the first quarter of 2013. In all cases this increase was due to the introduction of new and innovative products. In the bike business relatively expensive E-bikes created demand and caused a plus in sales and quantities. In the IT business the popular tablets were responsible for a double digit increase of 13,5% and in the small-domestic market people bought more and more espresso machines which led to a minor growth in sales in this segment. Innovation and new products are the keys to success. In the optical business opticians sell more and more and far too much of the same average products which diminishes the added value of the stores and leads to heavy discounts and price pressure. Electrical bikes are more expensive as the ordinary ones and the same is true for distinctive espresso machines and tablets. Price however is not important as long as products have a clear added value. This added value should always be related to the products and not to subjective things like store design or the quality of the coffee served. In the optical business we sell far too much average prescription frames and sunglasses instead of real beautiful quality designs. That is a pity as there are more as enough innovative products which don’t get the attention they deserve. Due to a lack of knowledge and sales power consumer’s aren’t seduced to buy these new products. There are still more as enough chances for independent opticians when they succeed to find back their roots, get away from the average and start to sell distinctive products. The consumer is always interested in innovations but wants to be informed and inspired by well trained and motivated sales people.

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