How popular is the optical industry on social media? Part 1

augustus 20, 2012

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The last years we hear quite some discussions about web stores and web concepts but what about the rather simple presentation of the optical industry on social media? Who attracts followers and friends at Facebook and uses the opportunities to its full extend? Let’s first have a look at the typical eyewear brands which are not licenses but brands by itself. Nobody will be surprised here as well Ray-Ban is a league of its own with almost 5 million Facebook “likes”. Carrera follows far behind but with still a reasonable amount of friends (370.000). Persol is third on our list with almost 70.000 and Sama Eyewear from Los Angeles fourth with almost 50.000. After a serious gap these four brands are followed by Oliver Peoples (18.000), Silhouette (15.000), Mykita (12.000), Italia Independent (11.000) and Dita (10.000). Quite interesting to see whether those who present themselves as trendy and trendsetting are also able to make this true on social media. Are some well-known brands in the industry not interested? Don’t they have enough news to share? Or are they simply satisfied with selling to the opticians and not interested in the end-consumer? Interesting to investigate and review the brands you carry and of which you probably think they are very interesting but which fail to make themselves visible to your clients.

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