How much free publicity do we need?

juli 7, 2011

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Social media play an important role in today’s communication. The Dirty Dancer videoclip of Enrique Iglesias and Usher on Youtube has been watched already more as 12 million times. In the clip Usher wears a great pair of sunglasses by Dita. Rapper Lil Wayne features the clip wearing sunglasses as always. He has more as 28 million “friends” on Facebook, just a little bit more as Usher who has 22 million. When Lil recently hit the cover of XXL magazine with a great pair of Italia Independent sunglasses from the Velver series, almost 65.000 “friends” liked it and more as 9.000 left a message commenting on it. Quite impressing figures but of course, you are no Usher or Lil Wayne. Nevertheless you could use this free publicity for your own communication as well. Just add the clip or the cover of XXL magazine to your own Facebook page and website and tell people you sell these frames, assuming you do…easy as that! Like to see it all yourself? Surf to YouTube.

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