High-tech goggles conquer the market

mei 1, 2013

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Last week The New York Times in a major article paid a lot of attention to the development of high-tech sport goggles and eyewear with built-in record and display functions. The reason they did this now was the introduction of a new pair of goggles by Oakley. Inside the box the company warns “not to wear the product while skiing”. Quite a remarkable advice to come with a product developed for skiing and snowboarding. Of course Oakley knows everybody will use this goggle to ski with it but the company wants to protect itself against claims. The warning should be taken with a grain of salt but nevertheless the question is interesting whether skiing or snowboarding and reading information on the insight of your goggles lens, goes together. And of course the same question is true for riding down a hill on your (mountain)bike. Accidents could easily happen. The article highlights the developments and leaves no doubts about the expectation of the major players in this market: this technology is expected to be one of the most wanted gadgets in the future. Oakley is certainly not the only one involved. Google’s “glasses” already got a lot of attention and companies like Zeal, Pivothead and 4iiii, report growing demands already.

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