Google Glass keeps drawing our attention

november 25, 2013

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Last week the Wall Street Journal reported about talks of Google with insurance company VSP, also the owner of eyewear manufacturer Marchon. Both companies investigate the possibilities of offering Google Glasses with prescription lenses in the future. That might be an extra pair of glasses for spectacle wearers as we don´t think they will wear glasses with a camera all day long and every single day. Rumours say, Google did talk with the Warby Parker guys as well, in efforts to find partners in developing more Google Glass designs for a broader audience. All in all these talks with the eyewear industry mark a very positive development and will probably offer opticians the opportunity to get involved in the sales of Google Glasses in the future in order to allow spectacle wearers to use the technology as well. Some work need to be done as the current design of the frame looks more like a gadget and doesn´t seem to be real option for a larger majority. Wall Street Journal points out that all talks until now are only investigating opportunities and nothing has been decided yet. Nevertheless, this might become a serious business. One type of Google Glasses first for the early adapters but later also Chanel, Mykita, Lindberg or Italia Independent designs with built-in Google Glass technology because we don’t want to wear the same pair of glasses all of us. We assume behind the screens there’s probably much more going on as we know now..Vision-Today keeps you posted!

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