Good advice: less products in stores

december 16, 2014

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Recently Dutch trendwatcher Lidewij Edelkoort presented her trend forecast “vanities” for Summer 2016. Vanities refers to the total vanity which rules our world today. Thanks to social media we share everything we experience and make the experience itself less important. We see hotel rooms, Christmas trees, girls in lingerie, beautiful beaches everywhere, parties and complete dinners passing by on our mobiles and tablets. Images are far more important than words. The famous trendwatcher has a very good tip for retail stores. Stores should offer less products and become more empty. We have too much of everything and the excess of it starts to be boring. We prefer to buy in stores with probably less choice but with an assortment which has obviously been selected with love and attention. Certainly a good advice for the average optical store where we often offer a hard to understand variety of products, afraid as we are we could probably miss something or someone. With the new year insight, maybe a good idea to add this one to your list of good intentions.

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