Founders leave Mykita

februari 26, 2015

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Three of the four original founders of Mykita have left the company. Only Moritz Krueger remains as CEO and Creative Director. At the same time the Berlin-based eyewear manufacturer found a new partner and investor in Bernd Beetz. Beetz worked for companies such as Procter and Gamble and LVMH and served 11 years as CEO for Coty where he tripled sales to almost 5 billion dollar. A heavy weight in the luxury industry with an unmatched network but unknown in the optical business. Mykita hasn’t unveiled how the shares are divided in between Krueger and Beetz. However it could be that Beetz is the main shareholder now although Mykita remains rather unclear about his role in the company. Beetz is 64 and has several other (interim) positions at major companies worldwide. Mykita emphasizes that with this changes its independence has been assured and that former rumours about sales to for example Luxottica were not correct.

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