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november 26, 2012

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Recently Dutch marketing services agency Van Es published its three-yearly report with all kind of information about developments in the Dutch optical business. The survey paid attention to the media as well. Based on the results Eyeline published to be the most read optical magazine and Oculus claims at the NUVO website to be the best read one. Both are right. 96% of the people included in the survey read the Eyeline against 87% for the Oculus. 89% of those Oculus readers say they really read most of the articles. For the websites the results are clear. Vision-Today is the most visited source of information online. Apparently you like our efforts to inform you about all developments and the way we give our comments and interpretations. To us this seems more as necessary in an ever changing and more and more challenging environment. Don’t expect easy copied press releases or advertorial-like stories at this website. We will continue with our sharp analyses and clear vision and seriously try to contribute to the discussions in the industry. I’m still as determined as I was more as 10 years ago when we launched Vision-Today!

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