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april 17, 2013

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An online flagshipstore? No, not really. Warby Parker walks the way in the other direction and last week opened a very cool store in the heart of Soho at New York. It offers the complete collection sunglasses and prescription frames as well as books and the opportunity to walk in for an eye exam. A large screen tells you how long you have to wait for that last service. Not hindered by an overdose of eyecare the store breathes a great shopping experience and confirms what we have written before about Warby Parker. This is a concept with soul, the guys behind it have a mission and a vision. The books are no coincidence. According to Warby Parker reading and eyewear are connected from the early beginning. The book titles are carefully chosen and reveal something about the identity of the owners. The rolling ladders and the large desk in the back of the store, strengthen the feeling of being in a library. With this renewing and original concept, Warby Parker once again challenges the existing establishment like it successful does for years already with its online webshop. Warby Parker is not primarily about price. It is simply “cool” to wear a Warby Parker and guess what…it is also affordable. Once again an inspiring example of: “people don’t buy what you sell but why you sell it”.

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